Lays Legends Waseem Akram and Lionel Messi introduce Lays newest flavor Yogurt & Herb

In the midst of crazy, raining and foggy winter day of January; a sudden crispy thunder of surprise brought all the limelight back to the day when I watched the latest Lays Legends TVC featuring world’s best blower Waseem Akram and world’s best footballer Lionel Messi together; both legendary sportsmen appeared together to unveil Lay’s Pakistan’s latest yogurt and herb flavor. The TVC instantly went viral with the hashtag #Layslegends and managed to gain popularity soon after charting among the top 10 Pakistan trends on twitter.


It’s the first time that we have seen a collaboration between a sportsman from Pakistan and a sportsman from any South American country – thanks to Lays Pakistan – such unique collaborating ideas always initiate new waves of mutual understanding and celebration between the peoples’ of participating nations. Often regarded as the greatest footer by several critics Argentinian football Lionel Messi recently won the Ballon d’Or for the fifth time in his career. On other hand, cited as one of the greatest cricketers by various media sources Waseem Akram who holds the world record for most wickets and is globally acknowledged as the finest bowler was the perfect match to appear along with Messi in Lays newest TVC termed as ‘Lays Legends’.


Founded by an American salesman Herman Lay in In 1932, today Lay’s control the majority of the world’s savory snack-food market whereas in Pakistan Lay’s is considered as the market leader with its crispy, crunchy and spicy flavors. Previously, Lays has also introduced two local flavors ‘Dahi Baray’ and ‘Mint Chutney’ in Pakistan with a campaign of ‘Chaat Street’. The new ‘crisp’ of town immediately became the talk of the town on the social media – I bet it will win countless hearts for its crisp.


Such awesomeness of two incredible legends of east and west drove numerous Twitteratis to tweet away their insightful thoughts – throughout the day. Few fascinating highlights ones are here.


We believe Yogurt and Herb flavor is here to stay for a long run – let’s see how it is received by public.

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