Lays Pakistan aims to keep Pakistan Green & Clean

One natural phenomena that unburdens all of your worries? One gift of nature that pleasure you like home? Yes, I’m talking about ‘Trees’ – continuously disappearing gift of nature – living in Islamabad, I have observed a vivid and brutal disappearance of forests around Margalla Hills in the recent decade. What comes as a surprise is that it’s gotten at a point where this usual activity goes unnoticed every single day; surely the situation is worse in other regions of Pakistan. We humans have eradicated nearly 80% of world forest – Does it surprise you?! Situation is way worse; the size of one Soccer field of forest cover land is being lost every second or 5.2 million hectares every year.



To deal with such a laborious concern, Lays Pakistan initiative a nation-wide campaign to guard the future of next generations. The bodacious campaign by Lays Pakistan started from the city of Quaid Karachi – the campaign touched the heart of our future by engaging and encouraging pupils of various universities to plant. The campaign aims to pin the message of a Green and Clean Pakistan among the people of the homeland. Starting from IBA Karachi, the campaign #PlantAPack shall spread throughout the nation university to university, school to school and city to city.


To break the ice over the social media to commence awareness on the critical global concern, dozens of twitteratis participated in #PlantAPack hashtag – trended it nationwide for several hours to applaud Lays Pakistan for the initiative to plant trees and restore forests for greater good of humanity at large. The ultimate goal should also be to reconnect important habitat for iconic species.


Tweets highlighting the cause, and resources for planting, pruning, identifying, care of, and information about trees immediately circled over the twitter. Some of them are listed here.


Some things are better than dreams like planting a tree for someone else to sit under its shadow. Plant the right tree in the right place and secure a green and clean Pakistan; well done, Lays Pakistan!

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