Malik Noureed Awan to leak Nude pictures of Annie Khalid?

As it was previously  revealed – the Pakistani Singer Annie Khalid, had filed for divorced and had fled from her home; taking along 40 million rupees with her, certain new facts came to light in these past few days.

Annie appeared on national television again, to divulge some new details regarding her whole predicament with her soon-to-be-ex husband. Annie stated that her husband, Malik Noureed Awan – has been threatening her with the leverage of leaking her nude pictures over the internet. This was nothing short of a shock, for the devastated singer as she always managed to maintain a reputation ever since the day she entered the industry.

In response Malik Noureed Awan, too held a press conference where he told the world his side of the story. Malik said that it all started when Annie, had aborted their child without seeking his approval and employed abusive language over the most minor of issues. Malik also said that, he had married Annie with her consent and had been courting her, four months prior to their wedding and all her allegations were in fact false. Malik Noureed claimed that he has an abusive text message from Annie, that he is going to share with the media if it comes down to it.

Not too long ago, Pakistani singer Annie Khalid swarmed the tube, as the news of her marriage to Malik Noureed surfaced. However, things took a turn for the worse, as only after a few weeks of marital life, Annie Khalid reportedly fled to UK nicking  along 40 million rupees from her husband.

Annie Khalid

She also appeared on TV, whilst giving an interview to certain local news channel here, accusing her husband of domestic abuse followed by a demand for divorce.

Another noteworthy fact emerged not too long after, as Annie’s manager, Faisal Khan – announced his resignation and declared that he had nothing to do with the right-or-wrong doings of Annie Khalid.

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