Property tycoon Malik Riaz of Bahria Town fame plans to set up his own media empire by launching four television channels.

The Express Tribune reported Friday the channels will cover news, entertainment, sports and property. The paper said the arrival of a major investor like Riaz is expected to have positive spinoffs for the industry that has grown exponentially in the last decade.

Riaz is Pakistan’s leading philanthropist and real estate developer whose projects are universally applauded for their quality and highest professional standards.

Malik Riaz is launching his own 4 TV channels and expected Kamran Khan will lead this group but unfortunately Kamran Khan does not know anything about TV except doing a show and this venture can not succeeded without Azhar Abbas Nasir Baig Chughtai or Talat Hussain.

Malik Riaz close consultants in media as well as Mubashir Luqman, Mehr Bukhari wife of Kashif Abbasi, Javed Chaudary of Express Kamran Khan of Duniya Arshad Sharif of ARY Mahmood Sham Rana Tahir are very close to him.

Recently Dr Shahid Masood exposed Malik Riaz badly but got appointment letter for 3.5 million rupees per month and after that he negotiated with owner of News 1 TV and staged a drama that Malik Riaz is purchasing him.



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