Operation Underway to end Tehreek e Labaik Dharna at Faizabad

ISLAMABAD  – An operation is underway to end the Tehreek Labaik Dharna going on for the last 19 days at Faizabad.

The police, FC and Rangers are participating in the operation going on for the last seven hours.

The security forces tear gassed the protesters and fired rubber bullets to disperse them. Dozens of protesters and officials were injured.

Meanwhile, several protesters have been arrested and shifted to different police stations. The protesters also set several vehicles on fire.

On the other hand, 145 injured were brought to PIMS Hospital. Several injured were discharged after first-aid.

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Several police officers, including the CPO, were injured in the clash with the protesters.

Earlier before the operation, an emergency was declared in hospitals located in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


tehreek e labaik ya rasool allah dharna photos

tehreek e labaik ya rasool allah dharna photos tehreek e labaik ya rasool allah dharna photos

Update :-

#Pakistan #Situation: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter browser services closed on direction of PEMRA.
News Channels to be shut down Nationwide.


The following roads blocked due to ongoing protest.

– Taramri chowk.
– Barma sanam chowk.
– Koral chowk.
– Kachehri chowk.
– Marir Chowk.
– Committee Chowk.
– Chandni Chowk.
– Faizabad Chowk.
– Peshwar road Naseerabad.
– Pirwadhai more.
– Kalma Chowk, Bakra Mandi.
– IJP road.
– Sawan pull.
– Ammar Chowk.

Road blockage at motorway and highway on different areas are;
Motorway zone.
On 17 faizpur north & south bounds.
On 126 Pindi Battian north & south bounds.
On 315 Chakri north & south bounds.
North zone.
Beat-4 Taxila on 1570, 1554 north and south bounds.
Beat-5 Mandra on 1523, 1525, 1512, 1516 & 1492 north and south bounds.
Beat 10 Chanda Qilla on1320, 1327 north and south bounds.
Beat-11 Mareedkey on 1299 North and south bounds.
Beat IMDC on 22 north bound only.
N-5 central zone.
Beat-12 Maraka. 1244, 1235, 1233 north & south bounds.
Beat-13 Jamber on 1185 north & south bounds.
Beat-14 Ranala Khurad on 1153 & 1140 south and north bounds. These points are closed, due to protest.
Further Road blockage on N-5 North & Central zone.
N-5 north zone.
Beat-6 Sohawa on 1473 north & south bounds.
Beat-7 Sae Alamgeer on 1427, 1413 north and south bounds.
N-5 central zone.
Beat-17 Mian Chano on 1030 North and south bounds. These points are also closed due to protest.

Stay Home. I am not sure that this update is last one or what as anything can happen. And avoid spreading Fake news because they can lead towards anything

#TehrikELabaik #Rally #Nuisance
Shaheryar Hassan

Islamabad, Rawalpindi: IJP Mandi Morr and adjacent Faqeer Aipee Road blocked by rioters. Violent mob behavior. Stick waving and threatening commuters on bikes and cars.

Rawal Road, Gulrez roads, Bahria Phases 1-6 roads clear.

Scheme 3, Chaklala Garrison, Ammar Chowk area clear.

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