Pakistan: 2‚500 MW electricity through wind by the end of 2015

The Government of Pakistan is keen to launch wind farm projects to meet national energy requirement through renewable energy technologies.

A spokesman of Alternative Energy Development Board said wind energy is cost effective and can become a substitute to thermal power generation with investments from private sector.

He said the government plans to generate up to 2‚500 MW electricity through wind by the end of 2015.

The official said wind energy is sustainable‚ environment-friendly‚ safe‚ and economically competitive. The development of this sector will also provide jobs to the youths.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held meeting with President of China Southern Power Grid‚ Zhao Jianguo‚ in Guangzhu‚ and sought his company’s suggestions and assistance in curbing power line losses‚ theft and pilferage in Pakistan.

He said Pakistan is working on building power plants based on coal‚ solar and wind resources and the government was in touch with the Chinese companies and now agreements were being finalized with them.

Nawaz Sharif said that as implementation of power generation would take time‚ we are‚ for the moment‚ working on plans to cut down line losses‚ power theft and pilferage.

Zhao Jianguo agreed with the Prime Minister’s request and said that proper management and supervision coupled with application of stringent laws could help reduce this menace.

He said through these means‚ line losses have been slashed down from six percent to one percent in China.

He said his company is ready to provide help to Pakistan to address the problem.

The Prime Minister asked him to provide the consultancy so that the existing bonds of friendship could be further strengthened.

He said the present government had inherited this problem as previous government did not pay much attention in this area. However‚ he said his govenrment has taken a number of steps to overcome the issue.
Speaking on the occasion‚ Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif urged Zhao Jianguo to help Pakistan in generating power in Pakistan besides controlling issues like power theft and line losses with proper planning and guidance.

He said Pakistan wanted Chinese cooperation in energy sector and attached high value to such spirit of camaraderie.

China Southern Power Grid generates one million MW of power and provides electricity to thirty-three million people.


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