The Feasibility report of electric train from Peshawar to Karachi is ready. The report says Electric train from Peshawar to Karachi has been prepared, The Electric Locomotive powered train will run at the speed of 120 to 160 Km/hr .The project is backed by China .

Pakistan Railway Sources told that Lahore Railway line will be doubled and all the existing tracks will be upgraded with new bridges and Signal Lines . The current mechanism exists from British Era. 

Also The news says  in Peshawar division Pakistan Railway will buy the land allocating for New Tracks will be added to make the existing one double. Also The Project of connecting Dry Port at Havelian is also undergoing.

Due to Electric track from Peshawar to Karachi passengers and freight cargo timings will be improved.

Meanwhile Pakistan Railway, Ignoring 100s of Trains which were suspended due to non-availability of funds, also the Railway Station’s dire condition even the Britisher kept them well clean and maintained, Railway Authorities ignoring what exists and moving ahead on to another a billion dollars project.

Karachi CANTT and City Station are in devastated condition which needs upgradation, Railway Authorities should focus on cleaning the mess from and on the side of the tracks specially from the areas where illegal construction on the Pakistan Railway’s allocated land.

Instead of upgrading the existing system Pakistan Railway is willing to spend billions on Electric Trains and New Tracks, In a country where public is suffering from electricity shortage, which is no where to be resolved before next election in 2018.

In Saad Rafique’s tenure Pakistan Railway has improved and became efficient in providing quality service also the number of fright train service as increased but still the condition of Stations is same.


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