Pakistan Railway Business train earns normal trains none

A week back I read it in the news paper and i was shocked to death that Pakistan Railway generated revenue of rupees 1.4 billion now the question in my mind whats so special in business train?

Does the luxurious is the answer of the question? Not at all, Pakistan Railway is completely possessed  and the corruption in this department is not less than Education or  Health. by the way here’s the NEWS which was really Shocking for me !

“The government has taken appropriate measures to control losses of Pakistan Railways by putting it on self-sustained bases due to which PR generated revenue of Rs 1.40 billion from July to December of fiscal year 2012-13, which is over and above the revenue generated during the corresponding period of previous financial year.

An official in the Ministry of PR said during the last four years the PR was able to save an amount of approximately Rs 4 billion per annum. It was hoped that this saving would continue during the next two financial years”.

Point is Business Train was the solution?  Answer is simple because management is private and they would do anything to meet their target if they paid Pakistan Railway 1.4 billion that means business is booming while local normal trains like always are in loss.


Does the normal or usual trains consume  the double fuel?  No ! The answer of this question is employment ratio compared to private one is double or maybe triple you can say, This time Pakistan Railway is in position to buy new cars from china or maybe used there call them reconditioned but what about engines God only knows whats cooking in Railway kitchen but so far even a blind can see that  privatization of Pakistan’s core asset Railway is beneficial for those who owns and running while disable management and triple the size union is looting dept openly for which ordinary common person suffers rest all is well. Still Pakistan completely hasn’t been interconnected via Railroad you can see the Map ! What’s happening business is being done on the Karachi to Lahore Track mean while there hasn’t been any further progress in the history of Pakistan Railway to extend !

In Pakistan anything is possible ! Just like one of the weirdest shocking news The designated flight from Karachi to Islamabad can land in Lahore to drop PIA’s beloved ones than nothing is impossible here.

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