Pakistani Government Finalises 3G license auction policy

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Government  has finalised its policy directive for the much awaited auction of 3G licenses in the country.

After a long wait, almost the 3G technology became outdated, Pakistani Government seems to fianalized the Policy, According to Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rehman, the four mobile phone companies in the country had shown interest in the auction.

The minister added that the policy directive would be approved by the Federal Cabinet Advisory Committee on Thursday.

Rehman added that the stipulation to introduce 4G into the Pakistani market would also be part of the auction. On September 28 while hearing the petition seeking the completion of the 3G license auction process and the appointment of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) chairman and members, the Supreme Court directed the government to expedite the auction process.

Yet Youtube is blocked in Pakistan due to which companies would show less interests in 3G, Either Government will unblock Youtube soon or expect nothing better, apart from auction 3G isn’t going to be pocket friendly as 3G handset owners are expecting, what it appears that 3G going to cost more than double compared to present so called 2G which works as Turtle net.

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