PTCL restores internet services at full capacity

Islamabad:  PTCL has fully restored its internet capacity that was affected by damage in an international submarine cable near Alexandria last week. The loss in bandwidth was unfortunately enhanced by a historic global cyber attack in the same time period. PTCL has managed this restoration with the help of its investments in diversified International Submarine Cable systems. The company made sure that customers face minimum discomfort in this adverse situation faced by internet users in the region


The total length of the SEA-ME-WE 4 (SMW4) submarine cable system is approximately 20,000 km which consists of the main backbone across the Eastern and Western worlds and links 14 countries with 16 landing stations across Europe, Middle East and Asia plus the extension links in various countries.

previously PTCL internet services were  effected but has  undertaken necessary actions to minimize the impact on the services to customers in Pakistan, by making alternate arrangements for internet capacity. But now PTCL restores internet services at full capacity

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