Robotics Lego 101 Training Initiative by Pakistan Innovation Foundation

Pakistan Innovation Foundation’s new initiative – The Creativity, Science, and Innovation (CSI) Labs – launched its second cohort for the beginners’ Robotics Legos 101 Workshop yesterday.

Last week the first group of 12 students ‘graduated’ after they finished their week-long introductory course on Robotics Lego. The kids ranged from ages as young as 7 years to as old as 18. The 5 day workshop organized at WECREATE CENTRE in F-11 Islamabad teaches kids introduction of software programming and logic, how mechanical things work, robotics and artificial intelligence, teamwork and leadership, and creativity and Innovation.

It was inspiring to see kids as young as 7 years old work hard in groups to create their first software programme, build a Lego Robot that followed instructions, and competing with each other in several challenges. On the final day of the Workshop, kids worked in two teams to complete a challenge that they had not seen before and did a wonderful job at it.

Speaking at their graduation ceremony, Dr. Athar Osama, Founder and CEO of Pakistan Innovation Foundation, noted that, “What these kids have learnt over the last few days is no child’s play. These are the building blocks of the critical skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century. Lego Mindstorms are amazingly versatile platforms that can be used to build anything under the sun. They have processors, motors, sensors, literally everything needed to build a simple or complex machine and these skills are critical to succeeding in the world of innovation that we’re all in.”

Father of three of students A. Baseer Qazi posted on his Facebook, “It was the first time that learning was fun for my children. The first time that they would willingly get up, be ready before time, look forward to the class, enjoy and actually do the homework (themselves) and above all discuss with us and among each other what they learnt during the classes.”

One of the students Azam Khan spoke about the experience, “This week I attended a course on EV3 robotics at robotics Lego 101 and to say the least, it was amazing. The teachers can keep the mood light but at the same time efficiently teach and get the subject across and unlike most classes, actually teach, not memorize. It was an interesting experience that had me eager to get up each morning.”

Pakistan Innovation Foundation hopes to use the Robotics Lego and other similar platforms to help create the next generation of innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs needed by Pakistan in the future.




Robotics Lego 101


About Pakistan Innovation Foundation:

Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF) is a private-sector-driven, apolitical, non-profit organization and platform created to help promote science and innovation within private sector and the broader society at large.


To learn more about this PIF, please contact:
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  1. Hi this is arisha zahoor, mother of 12 years old boy, Abdul Shaf. Abdul Shaf has completed robotics level 1 from karachi. He is keenly interested in making things woth lego.
    My query is, is there any upcoming workshops during jan or feb?
    Also please share the fee structure for the workshop too.

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