Stay Cautious Against Impersonators: Islamabad Police

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Police has issued a warning for the people of Islamabad to stay cautious against Impersonators.

Do not at any cost let any stranger step into your house.

Islamabad Police has warned the citizens to be careful, as there has been reports. Three to four persons portraying themselves as representatives of water or electric companies are trying to get inside the houses to install free of cost shower caps or energy savers.

These people are in actual dacoits or robbers. They have been found involved in ransacking houses at gun point.

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These robbers are impersonating as representatives of water and electric companies to install free shower caps or energy savers for free as part of government lay-down program. These people are also armed with weapons, so do not let any stranger get inside your house.

Stay alert and keep the doors properly locked at all times.

Stay alert and inform you friends and family. Do spread the news in your circle.

Stay Safe!


Stay Cautious Against Impersonators: Islamabad Police

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