Yet again NO CNG Karachi and entire Sindh

There hasn’t been a single week since Supreme court has slashed the prices by 30/- Rupees, OGRA and All Pakistan CNG Association seems quite unhappy even after 4 hearings OGRA presented various new formulas but SC rejected them all, Yesterday at CNG station while talking with them I found that 5th is something special, expected that prices might go higher, already in the daily news papers OGRA’s statements are hinting people, Today NO CNG day yet again right after restoring for a day.

The long cue lines on the sharah-e-faisal never seen before in my whole life, shows the image as if the war has started and people want to leave the city. I know for certain that Supreme court must be getting reports about all this and would take the proper initiative against CNG thugs.

Expected price hike is 10/- Rs per Kg but what it appears that OGRA and APCNGA has something else on their mind, without any hesitation private filling station refuses to fill the gas by saying they aren’t happy with current CNG prices, where is law and order? do they have this authority to refuse? why Sui Gas or OGRA cancel the licence, I wonder

Since last almost 5 years, OGRA been running Pakistan’s facial budget, there’s no doubt about it, CNG Station owners are like open Mafia, no matter Chief Justice of Pakistan orders something they easily refuse, since its a millions and billions game, each one well politically backed. What about the public? People suffer either way 94 Ruppes CNG was when Supreme court slashed the prices now when it is where it should be, Public faces trouble of Gas Load shedding and Private Stations off by their own decision? There is no check and balance in Pakistan.

If one refuses to fill the gas and keeps the CNG station close , SSGL and OGRA should take action against the owner but we don’t find justice easily here in Pakistan. Yet again Karachi and entire Sindh suffers from Today with no CNG where as Commercial communicator Van which runs all around interior Sindh from Karachi will get the CNG from anywhere they want secretively, What a Justice, Amazing isn’t it?

The way people are suffering, Supreme court should ask OGRA, SSGL and APCNGA about these long cues and unavailability of Natural resource which doesn’t even get imported. I am expecting Justice for the people of Pakistan from Supreme Court.

Kindly share your views, we all suffer the same together being as the citizen of Pakistan we feel as if we are migrants or war prisoners.

Who’s responsible if public or OGRA? 

” Solution lies where the problem is ” Lets Hope and Pray least condemn the wrong is wrong.

By : Farhan Imaan

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