Justice for Alisha: Minor girl & mother gang-raped in Kashmore

People are furious and trending hashtag #JusticeForAlisha demanding justice for Alisha, a four-year-old girl and her mother who were kidnapped and gang-raped in Kashmore.

LATEST UPDATE: Kashmore rape case: Another suspect arrested, prime accused killed

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Justice for Alisha: Minor girl & mother gang-raped in Kashmore. The picture shows one of the suspects identified as Rafique Malak.

UPDATE: Kashmore rape case: ASI Muhammad Bux to get top police award

According to the details, a woman met with the suspects at a hospital in Karachi and was later taken to Kashmore with a job offer of Rs. 40,000 but upon reaching their destination, she was detained along with her daughter.

The mother and her four-year-old daughter, Alisha, were both repeatedly gang-raped by three men who later released the woman but kept her daughter hostage and demanded her to bring back another woman who was present with her at the hospital in Karachi.

The alleged rapists even threatened to kill her four-year-old daughter, Alisha, but the woman gathered enough courage to reach out to Kashmore police and explain them the situation.

After being informed about the urgency of the matter, the Kashmore police including ASI Muhammad Bakhsh acted quickly and raided the home where Alisha was being kept hostage and were able to rescue the child.

The suspects tried to flee the scene after seeing the police but one of them identified as Rafique Malak was injured when he tried jumping over the wall and he was taken into custody.

In his statement to the police, the suspect admitted to raping four-year-old Alisha and her mother while their abuse was prominent from the marks on the child’s body.

The woman and her daughter were both taken to a Taluka Hospital in Kashmore and Alisha who was in critical condition was later shifted to a medical facility in Larkana for better treatment.

A medical examination of both the mother and daughter was performed confirming the gang-rape they endured in Kashmore at the hands of these three animals including Rafique Malak, the person who owned the house where the victim-duo was being kept.

A case has been regsitered against Malak under multiple sections which include rape, wrongful confinement, cheating and dishonesty and the police are trying to apprehend the other two suspects who were able to flee the scene of the crime.

Governor Sindh Takes Notice

The Governor Sindh Imran Ismail has taken notice of the incident and promised that justice for Alisha and her mother will be provided while contacting IG Police and Chief Secretary Sindh for a report of the incident.

Such incidents are becoming increasing common in Pakistan as yesterday another gang-rape was reported from Lahore and the victim there was also lured by the alleged rapists under a promise of a job.

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People on Twitter are furious over the Gang rape in Kashmore and people are demanding justice for Alisha and her mother by trending #JusticeForAlisha on Twitter.


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  1. May be its because of the handful people like ASI Muhammad Bakhsh that Allah Almighty is not destroying Pakistan entirely otherwise such a nation doesn’t deserve anything else but wrath of the almighty.

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