NAROWAL: The men of this society have become savage. Ones again people are screaming Justice for Ayesha. She was abducted, raped and mercilessly murdered.

Ayesha Zulfiqar was only sixteen-years-old, student of tenth grade.

She was from Narowal.

The law has failed to provide justice to women.

The parents have failed to raised their sons.

We as humans have failed.

We are ashamed to be called humans one after another, the culprits we all know, are the punished? No, not really. Does every victim get justice? No, not really.

Shame on those so called custodians of law and justice, who have failed to protect the daughters of this soil. Shame on them for not being able to set an example for rightful justice.

Why aren’t these rapist given the punishment in a manner that no other psycho will dare make the mistake again?

How was her body found

Ayesha was found wearing her abaya. He dead body was thrown in the suburbs of Narowal city.

The residents discovered her body on September 14, 2019, who immediately informed the police.

About Ayesha Zulfiqar

Ayesha Zulfiqar was daughter of Zulfiqar Ahmed. The sixteen year old was a students in Girl’s High School in her village of Nawa Pind Arayiaan Hundal near Pasrur city, District Sialkot.

She was a tenth grader (Matriculation). Her father is a driver of Pasrur based PTI’s (The Ruling party) politician Chaudhary Ghulam Abbas.

Her Kidnapping

Ayesha Zulfiqar was kidnapped on August 18, 2019 near her school while going back home.

The Kidnapper

The kidnapper is identified as Adnan Barkat. He kidnapped Ayesha with the help of his friends. Adnan Barkat had come fully armed for the kidnapping.

Police failed to locate Ayesha

The father approached the Sialkot Police, who failed to located his daughter for entire one month.

Lahore High Court

The family of Ayesha approached the Lahore High Court to pressurize the Sialkot Police. The court ordered the police to find the kidnapped girl as soon as possible.

Statement of the father

The father, Zulfiqar Ahmed informed the reporters, during the month of her disappearance Ayesha managed to call the family and informed of her abduction. She informed the family about the kidnapper Adnan Barkat. Ayesha also informed the family that Adnan Barkat was forcing her to marry him and on refusal he was torturing and sexually abusing her. Ayesha was not able to inform of her location .

Post mortem

Ayesha’s body was discovered on September 14 from suburbs of Narowal city. She was found from backyard of some houses.

Her body was shifted to district hospital Sialkot for post mortem.

FIR was registered against Adnan Barkat. He is on Pre-arrest bail till October 3.

Adnan Barkat Claims They Were Married

Adnan Barkat claims they were married and has produced a statement. The statement is signed by the Magistrate Section 30 Sialkot, Muhammad Farooq-I-Azam. It states “I have left my house with my own consent and proceeded with Adnan son of Barkat Ali, R/O Nawa Pind Araian, Sialkot and contracted marriage with him. No one has abducted me. I recorded my statement without any coercion and pressure. I intend to go with my husband Adnan.”

The statement is signed on 11th September while her body was discovered on 14th September.

Social Media

People are shocked and social media is demanding Justice for Ayesha. There is outrage after the incident which can be seen in their tweets.

Her name is Ayesha Zulfiqar, She is from Narrowal, she was kidnapped, RAPED and KILLED. Yes, she was wearing Niqab and Hijab. Stop asking girls to dress modestly when you can’t teach your son to be HUMANS. Speechless

Ayesha Zulfiqar,10th grader from Narowal was kidnapped, raped and killed.
She was also wearing Abaya/Burka and was fully covered from head to toe. Her body was recovered with the signs of torture and she was draped in Abaya.#JusticeforAyesha#AyeshaZulfiqar

She is Ayesha Zulfiqar from Narrowal, was kidnapped, RAPED and KILLED. Another victim of the beasts moving freely around us. Mr CM @UsmanAKBuzdar, could u imagine if she were Ur daughter, what would have been ur reaction? We need islamic legislatory system #JusticeforAyesha

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