Justice For Dua Malah: Seven year old found naked and raped in Thatta

SINDH: Justice for Dua Malah yet another case of child rape. Her naked body was recovered from banana fields in War, Thatta, Sindh.

Dua Malah went missing and when she did not return for hours her family went out to look for her. Her dead and naked body was recovered from banana fields near the village late at night.

The police were informed immediately and shifted her body to the civil hospital for post mortem.

Initial post mortem reports suggest the minor girl was sexually assaulted then chocked to death. The complete and final cause of death will be revealed after the final medical reports.

Dua Mallah has been laid to rest.

Dua was just a second-grader.

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Police have also arrested a suspect in the brutal rape and murder of innocent Dua.

Ayaz Latif Palijo took to twitter and raised his concern not just for Dua but all the other victims of the brutal crime. He tweeted

Dead body of Dua Malah, a 7-year-old girl has been found in War,Thatta, Sindh. Sources said she was raped before being killed.
Naila Rind,Tanya Khaskheli, Rimsha, Bibi Mari,Nimerta,Gul Sama,kidnapping of Dua Mangi,Jamna & now rape of Dua.@SindhCMHouse @BBhuttoZardari @BakhtawarBZ

Another #childRape case from Sajawal, Thatta, Sindh Pakistan. Three years old Dua Mallah raped and then killed by monsters.
These cases will kep happening until The rapists are shot dead right at the crime scene like the police did in India.

Zuhaib Ahmed Pirzada tweeted to inform the accused in the rape and murder of Dua Malah have been arrested and one of the rapists and murderers is her uncle.

Justice For Dua Malah

Child rape is increasing day by day. Unfortunately, only a few cases are highlighted by the media. Worst of all the state departments have failed to provide justice to poor victims of rape and murder. Little children are raped and killed every day and their bodies are thrown away like dirty tissue paper.

The severity of such cases is are not being realized by the state nor the media. Maybe they will only realize when one of their own loved ones goes through the same. May all the children of this world remain safe.

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Public Hanging of Rapist

The rape crime is increasing and reached its peak. The reason is the accused even after being arrested either they are released or not punished as they should be.

Yes, we all condemn and come out on the streets and that’s it. Maybe it is time we started demanding not only justice but Public hanging of such sick people.

Many may come out and say public hanging is cruel and against human rights. If so then just think for ones, What if Dua Malah was your own daughter, your own sister, what would you have done?

The sick people who rape and kill little babies do not deserve to breathe.


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