Justice For Eshaal: 7-year-old shot dead by uncle for making noise

PESHAWAR: Justice for Eshaal is making rounds on social media, Seven-year-old minor girl was brutally shot and killed by her uncle.

Her only fault was that she was just making noise while playing with other kids.

The video of uncle firing his gun is also going viral on social media. The video shows the man is heard exchanging some angry and loud words before firing his gun from the upper story of the house.

A ruthless tragic incident where a ruthless uncle shot dead his seven-year-old niece occurred in Peshawar in the locality of Arbab road, two days ago.

The little girl was making noise while playing with other kids in the house.

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Police statement

According to the local police, Eishal was playing in the courtyard with other children two days ago. The children were making noise while playing, which is natural for children that age.

Her uncle identified as Fazal Hayat lives in the same house on the upper story. He got agitated by the noise and opened fire at little Eshaal. She died on the spot.

The ruthless killer of Eishal is no the run, he fled right after the incident.

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FIR and Search

The father of Eshaal has registered FIR against his brother at Thakal police station. The search for the killer uncle is under way.

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