Justice For Fazia: No Postmortem For 13 year Old Raped Victim

KARACHI: Ones again Justice For Fazia is trending on Social Media. The body of raped victim was sent without home without a postmortem. No postmortem was done for the 13 year old rape victim.

Everyday there is someone getting assaulted, killed and bodies disposed of like a dirty diaper. Everyday and every second many become victim of someone’s lust. Unfortunately the crime is not stopping, as a matter of fact it seems to be increasing.

Fazia Yasin a thirteen year old was a daughter of poor laborer.

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Fazia Yasin belonged to Habib Kot area of ​​Rahim Yar Khan constituency NA-177, PP 259.

According to reports shared on social media, the thirteen-year-old minor was working as a domestic maid in Karachi.

Fazia Yasin is reported to have been assaulted by her employer.

The minor girl was sexually assaulted and beaten on multiple occasions.

She was raped and killed. Her body was later hanged by a fan to make it appear a suicide.

It is being circulated on social media that the Sindh Police sent her dead body without a postmortem examination.

The question arises why was done so by the Sindh Police?

Was it actually a suicide case or the Police Received a handsome amount of bribe. Or was it because Fazia Yasin was poor daughter of a poor laborer.

If Sind Police is trying to save the rapist, than they are definitely as guilty as the rapist himself.

Such law enforcement officers should get same punishment as that of the actual criminal for hiding their crime.

Justice For Fazia

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