Justice for Haris – 8 year old boy found raped & murdered in Karachi

JUSTICE FOR HARIS: The body of an eight-year-old boy identified as Haris was found raped and murdered at Shafiq Colony in Karachi.

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Justice for Haris – 8 year old boy found raped & murdered in Karachi.

A First Information Report (FIR) has been registered on the complaint of the boy’s father and police have arrested a suspect identified as Samiullah after locals from the area found him carrying the child’s body in a sack.

The police also said that the suspect Samiullah has given contradicting statements during the interrogation where he first told them that he had found the body in a stream but later changed his statement saying that the eight-year-old boy was found dead near some flats.

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According to the police, the preliminary autopsy of the eight-year-old boy has been conducted according to which the body was likely raped but there were no torture marks on the body. However, a chemical report has been requested which will reveal more details.

The police have also stated that the suspect also has previous records regarding similar incidents and the matter will be investigate further.

This incident involving the boy being raped and murdered in Karachi is truly a tragic one and we demand justice for Haris as and every other case of similar nature that keeps piling up daily from across the country

These culprits definitely deserve punishment to the full extent of the law as they seem to have no remorse as many of the accused have been found with previous records of similar crimes.

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