Justice For Irfan Jatoi: young student killed in a police encounter

Justice For Irfan Jatoi has started gaining momentum on social media as the young student was first abducted from his university hostel and later was shot dead in an alleged police encounter on Sunday in Sukkur district.

The deceased, twenty-five-year-old Irfan Jatoi was a student at the University of Sindh. He was picked by the Hyderabad and Jamshoro Police from the University’s International Hostel on February 10. Suddenly the news of his death in police encounter was head after 25 days of his disappearance.

The encounter took place on the  National Highway in the limits of Jhangro Police Station. The police crimes are well known by all in the country. They get away with killing of innocent souls. They have license to kill even the innocent. The question arises can they get inside a hostel and grab any one without an arrest warrant.

Even if Irfan Jatoi, lets suppose he was involved in robbery, does it justify to kill him without a trial. Let’s suppose he robbed a vehicle of a politician’s relative which is still un-named, Irfan Jatoi wasn’t a murderer. There are people freely roaming in the streets who have committed worse crimes such as rape, murder, and many more.

The truth will never come out like always.

Justice For Irfan Jatoi: young student killed in a police encounter
Justice For Irfan Jatoi: young student killed in a police encounter

Why was Irfan Jatoi Arrested

A police source said Irfan Jatoi was involved in the stealing of a vehicle belonging to a relative of a Sukkur based politician. He had agreed to return the stolen vehicle but turned back on his promise, thus he was arrested by the police.

What Does The Police Say?

A nice and humble person as described by and now as remembered by his friends, the police now claim he was wanted in numerous crimes. The police claim he was part of a car lifting gang , was involved in robberies and many other crimes.

SSP Sukkur Irfan Samo states: The police reacted to a tip-off they received that some outlaws were seen with the intent of committing a robbery. He also said the suspects first opened fire on the police as soon as reached the crime scene. SSP Samo also claimed Irfan Jatoi was wanted in several crimes by the police in different districts and now the police are collecting data of his crimes from other districts as well.

Family of Irfan Jatoi

The family of Irfan Jatoi says their son remained missing since the day of February 10, 2021. The family had filed a petition in the Jamshoro district and sessions court on February 11, a day after he was picked from the international university hostle. The family also said two of his friends were also picked by the police on the same day.

The court had summoned the district police on February 18 but denied any such arrest and expressed lack of knowledge of the arrest.

Irfan Jatoi’s family have also claimed the police have been demanding bribe for his release for the last three weeks.

The father of the diseased is heard saying that Irfan Jatoi was abducted along with his two friends. The two others were released. The police did not release Irfan as they demanded a bribe. The main police officer is named Nisar Shah who demanded 20 to 25 Lacks for his release. The family was also threatened if the amount was not paid Irfan will get hurt. The grieving father said we are poor people and could not arrange the amount and later found his dead body.

Justice For Irfan Jatoi and Social Media

Netizens strongly condemn the ruthless murder of a young student of Sindh University who was abducted on February 10 and later killed in a police encounter. Social media is trending with Justice for Irfan Jatoi. The reactions from social media also reveal that the government is still silent and no action has been taken against this brutal encounter.

Even though the police claim there were many cases registered against Irfan Jatoi in different districts, why wasn’t he brought before the court after he was picked up by the police.

Protest at University of Sindh


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