Justice For Jamna: Minor Girl Gang Raped in Sindh

SINDH: Minor girl raped, beaten and thrown on the ground on the third day of Eid in Tando Mohammad Khan, Sindh. Justice for Jamna is needed.

Latest Update: Watch the latest development video at the end of the post.

Rape cases in Pakistan are increasing day by day. Minor girls are being sexually assaulted and brutally tortured, murdered and thrown on the streets every other day.


Another daughter of this soil has been attacked and thrown on the ground mercilessly.

Disturbing images and video of Jamna Kumari has emerged on social media, and it raised a hue and cry demanding justice for Jamna.

Justice For Jamna: Minor Girl Gang Raped in Sindh

Twelve-year-old Jamna kumari hails from the Hindu community of Sindh province, Pakistan.


First Information Report

The incident occured on the third day of Eid on Friday, June 7.

The little girl is identified as Jamna Saami. It has emerged that she was abducted and forcefully intoxicated first.

She was then sexually assaulted by two men.


She was then allegedly thrown on the sports ground around her district.

The two accused have been arrested by the police.

First Information Report (FIR) has also been registered.


The two accused are identified as two brothers.

  1. Roshan Shaikh
  2. Rajab Shaikh

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The images of both the monsters is being shared on social media.


There is conflicting reports on the Jamna’s age. Some are reporting eleven while others twelve.

No matter what age or religion she must be given justice.

People of Pakistan have raised their voices and are demanding Justice For Jamna.


The culprits must be punished.

Human Rights Activists Kapil Dev has also shared the images of the two men who sexually assaulted Jamna and also the copy of FIR.

He captioned it with:


Update on Jamna Case: Two main accused rapists Roshan Shaikh & Rajab Shaikh has been arreated & an FIR has been lodged against them.

Another incident of rape! A 12-year-old Hindu girl Jamna Saami reportedly gang-raped & thrown on ground on third day of Eid in Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh. This is simply inhumane. Let’s raise our voice to get


Shama Junejo has tweeted to inform

Jamna is hospitalized. Doctors have advised her to take to Civil Hospital Hyderabad as she needs proper stitches and medical plus DNA tests. Police claim to arrest one of the rapist but no names issued yet. Please keep updating if anyone is from Tando Mohd Khan


Jamna Saami may be a Hindu girl but she is heard screaming out “Allah”

May Allah have mercy on her. Please Allah listen to her pain and show your wrath for the two monsters. Amen.


Shama Junejo has also tweeted

Shame on Dr Madeeha & Dr Santosh of Civil Hospital Hyderabad, who discharged #Jamna without examination & treatment that she was not cooperating with them. How a 11 yr old drunk victim would cooperate with cruel doctors? She must be scared being raped again

Is imprisonment enough for such people? No one will agree. These psychopaths need severe punishment.

Hanging is also not enough. May be tie them and cut off their body parts one by one. Day after day till they bleed to death.

Tooba Syed Tweeted


Jamna Sammi is the her name. She was sexually assaulted & raped. Her videos have been circulating on SM in a traumatic state. Remember her name when next time they ask us why we are out on the roads to march. It’s for each one of us and for Jamna!

The media and the government still seems to be sleeping. They are all mute.


Latest Development

Senior politician Ayyaz Latif Palijo reached Civic Hospital Hyderabad, from where Doctors sent the rape victim back to Tando Muhammad Khan without examining the case, according to the doctor the patient was not cooperating.

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