Justice for Julie Khan: Arrested in an alleged fabricated case

ISLAMABAD: Justice for Julie Khan has started making rounds on social media after she was arrested by Islamabad Police in an alleged fabricated case.

Julie Khan is a Trans-Activist and has been very active and popular on social media for her bold and honest speeches.

According to some reports Julie khan was arrested and sent to Adiala Jail.

According to social media Julie Khan was arrested and manhandled by Islamabad Police in an apparent fabricated case by the transgender community who do not want her around.

Julie is an social media sensation who got attention after her honest and straight forward videos. She has spoken on various issues like gang rape, violence, abuse etc., on various platforms.

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In 2016, her video went viral where she was being physically and sexually assaulted by some man. The culprits were arrested.

Julie Khan’s stance to support the transgender community has attracted many enemies with in the community. Her stance on transgenders be treated equally and provided every opportunity to prevent them from going on streets to beg has caused extreme disturbance among the gurus of the trans community who want to continue with the prevailing activities.

According to reports an FIR was registered by Guru Najma from Golra Sharif. Guru Najma was in police custody in an attempted murder case which was filed by Julie’s friend. Guru Najma was out on bail. Julie according to reports got arrested for standing up for her friend.

Julie’s lawyer, Hassan Niazi, said “It is a life-threatening situation for her. She has no support. She is only alive right now because of her being famous on social media.”

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Justice for Julie Khan

Julie’s own community is standing against her and our system is always with the rich and powerful. Hope the campaign Justice For Julie continues till justice is served and till the truth is out.

Julie Khan Trans Activist from NA 53 General Elections 2018

Julie Khan is heard talking about the problems of Trans people. Heart wrenching truth shared by Julie where she is heard saying they are thrown out of their houses in young ages by their own parents.

While on streets in a very young age they are not accepted by society nor supported by the government.

More videos of Juliie Khan are available on you tube.

Police Statement

Twitter message by Khalid Mehmood Awan, DSP Islamabad Police states:

On July 16, FIR # 403/20 U/S 380/452/147/149/337fi/337fii PPC was lodged on the complaint & medical examination of Trans Lubna that she was attacked & injured at her house by trans Farah, Sumaira, Julie & Shilpa. Absconding accused Julie arrested & being produced in the court.

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