Justice for Marwah – 5 year old kidnapped, raped & murdered

KARACHI: Twitter has been trending with hashtag #JusticeForMarwah demanding justice for Marwah, a five year old girl kidnapped, raped and murdered in Essa Nagri area of the port city.

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Justice for Marwah – 5 year old kidnapped, raped & murdered.

According to sources, the young girl named Marwah was kidnapped on Friday and remained missing until her body was discovered burnt in garbage near her home early morning.

The body of the girl was shifted to Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre where the autopsy revealed that the Marwah was raped and the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head before her body was torched in garbage.

The culprits behind this heinous crime have not been identified, However, according to sources, a man has been taken into custody and his DNA samples have been sent to the lab to get clarity regarding his involvement in the heinous crime.

The incident angered people of Karachi especially those belonging to Essa Nagri have come out protesting and demanding justice for Marwah, the young five year old girl.

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At the same time, Twitter Pakistan has been trending all day with #JusticeForMarwah as netizens demand justice for Marwah. The trend is currently no. 1 on the social media platform.

Waqar Zaka also tweet about the incident and demanded justice for Marwah. The social media personality and TV host stated:

There should be virtual court system where judges take decision on cases appearing on social media after expert analysis, and I demand public hanging in child abuse cases, anyone against this, is certainly involved,


Fixit founder and Member of Parliament (MNA) Alamgir Khan also took the mirco-blogging platform demanding justice and the culprits to be hanged publically.


Here are some other reactions regarding the incident where people are demanding Justice for Marwah:


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