Justice for Nasir: 16 years old brutally killed by a fake saint (pir)

TAXILA: A sister is crying for her brother who was brutally killed by a fake saint (pir) in Taxila. She demands Justice For Nasir, the young boy’s tortured body was found three days after he went missing, the incident occurred in Taxila, the body of Nasir was found laying near Shrine Bal Sharif

Justice for Nasir: 16 years old brutally killed by a fake saint (pir)

The sister of Nasir has taken to social media, and requesting public to her her find justice for her young brother. The sister writes:

Her brother’s friends came to pick Nasir on the pretext of attending a wedding Walima (the marriage banquet). Nasir dressed up and left with his friends. He did not return home after leaving but after 3 days they received a phone call saying that your brother has been murdered, come and pick his dead body.

Nasir’s body was found out side a shrine thrown on the heap of garbage. The sister narrates her brothers’ body was unrecognizable, his eyes were taken out, tongue was cut, his teeth were broken, his hands and legs were also cut. This was not enough his his throat was also slit and after all this he was shot in the head.

Justice for Nasir
Justice for Nasir

The sister said the condition of her brother was so bad they could not recognize that it was their Nasir. The saint (peer) inside the shrine told they to take the boy and also confessed to killing him.

The peer was arrested by the police, however the sister wants the friends who took her brother to be arrested as well. The sister demands justice for her little brother. She also said one of Nasir’s friends had called to inform where the dead body was. She has some questions which will haunt her for the rest of her life. She cannot figure it out what happened and why. She also cannot figure out why did his friends waited for three days to inform them.

She is asking to make her post viral and help her seek justice.

Justice for Nasir

The body of 16-year-old Nasir was found at Shrine Bal Sharif in the limits of Police Station (PS) Taxila on 10 March, he was allegedly mercilessly killed by a fake saint (peer). The police had shifted the body to the hospital for autopsy.

The fake peer named Sarwar Shah is taken into custody and has registered a case against him. According to reports, Nasir had gone missing for two days before his body was found. The family had also searched for the boy. The father said they received a phone call from an unknown number and were informed that the body of Nasir is laying near Shrine Bal Sharif. They reached there only to find their young son’s tortured and disfigured body.

The incident sparked shockwaves in the area and a massive protest was staged by the family of the boy and the locals.

The investigations are being carried out.

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السلام وعلیکم یہ واقعہ ٹیکسلا میں پیش آیا جعلی پیر نے سولہ سالہ لڑکے کو بے دردی سے قتل کیا پولیس اور متعلقہ اداروں سے گزارش ہے کہ گھر والوں کو فوری انصاف فراہم کیا جائے وزیر اعلی پنجاب اس پر نوٹس لے سب بھائی اور بہنیں ریٹویٹ کرے #justiceforNasi

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Help a sister get justice for her brother let the hashtag Justice For Nasir go viral till it reaches the ears of the authorities.

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