Justice For Nimerta: Police Acquires CCTV Footage

LARKANA: Demand of Justice For Nimerta is still on going. The Larkana Police have acquired various CCTV footages of her activities in the dental college.

KTN News has also shared one of the CCTV footage of the diseased student.

The CCTV footages from the collages are taken from the last 10 days before her murder. The police is investigating her moves in the college and are hopeful to get some leads from her activities.

Police Acquires CCTV Footage

One of the footages acquired in connection to Nimerta murder case, shows her in the college auditorium.

She is seen with two of her friends Mehran Abro and Ali Shan Memon.

This footage is dated September 13, three days before her body was discovered.

According to the reports Mehran Abro is seen sitting down in front of Nimerta while Ali Shan Memon is seen standing.

All three are seen talking and according to reports it seems they are in some serious conversation and Nimerta is seen bit furious and the boys are trying to convince her.

The three were close friends and it could be that they are just having a discussion on some important issue.

The Police have acquired many such CCTV footages of Nimerta’s activities in the college. These footages are now part of the investigation.

Police is investigating the case from various angles. CCTV footages of last 10 days have been included in the investigation.

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Forensic Examination Of Cell Phone and Laptop

Apart from footages her cell phone and laptop has been sent to the FIA for forensic examination.

The forensic report will add further insight into the case.

CCTV footages are acquired from the different cameras installed in the Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University.

Through these footages police is trying to get information about her other friends. Those who were close to her would be questioned by the police to help further in the case.

Nimerta Wanted To Marry Mehran Abro

It has come to notice of the police that Nimerta was interested in getting married to Mehran Abro. ATM card of Nimerta was also with Mehran Abro and slip of Mehran Abro was found from the pocket of Nimerta’s apron, as per police findings.

Further, it is also revealed that most of the calls made from Nimerta’s cell phone were to Mehran Abro and Ali Shan Memon.

Police is expected make few more arrests and so far 45 students and staff members of the Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University have been questioned.

Justice For Nimerta: Police Acquires CCTV Footage

شاگردياڻي نمرتا جا آصفه ڊينٽل ڪاليج ۾ آخري ڏينهن وارا سي سي ٽي وي ڦوٽيج منظر تي اچي ويا

شاگردياڻي نمرتا جا آصفه ڊينٽل ڪاليج ۾ آخري ڏينهن وارا سي سي ٽي وي فوٽيج منظر تي اچي ويا

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