Justice For Nimerta: Students Call For Protest On 21 September

LARKANA: Murder of Nimerta has shook every student of the Medical College. Youth Action Committee along with students held a sit-in-protest at administration block of Chandika Medical College Larkana. Students Call For Protest On 21 September in Hyderabad.

The shout out for “Justice For Nimerta” will not stop until justice is served.

The students at the sit-in-protest demanded official notification of judicial enquiry,

After Nimertas’ incident the girl students say they are now afraid to sleep alone in their room.

The video obtained from the protest a girl protester is heard saying if we are so distressed and stressed out, we cannot imagine what the family of Nimerta be going through.

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She is heard raising a question Nimerta came to use we had lunch together, what went wrong that the girl committed suicide in two hours?

After all this our administration hide the cell phone and does not inform the police.

The girls said they carried Nimerta on their own shoulders and nobody came for their help. The girls took her to the hospital themselves.

She is also heard pointing out that our VC can buy herself car worth millions of rupees but for us she cannot buy an ambulance for students.

She went on to say

“Will the students voice be silenced always?”

“Our sisters here are all alone. Their parents are all concerned and worried for their daughters.”

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“There is just one solution to this problem, as long as the ban on Students Union is not lifted from Pakistan, and as long as our students along with their VC’s does not present our demands and issues in front of the syndicate our problems will never be resolved.”

“If our voices are not heard, tomorrow it will be somebody else and some other issue. We will be carrying dead bodies of our girls every other week and nothing will be done and it will go on like this”

Protest will be held on 21st September in Hyderabad.

Thousands of students will be part of the protest.

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