Justice for Raziya: Four-Year-old Dies Due to a Wrong Injection

KARACHI: The doctors who administered the wrong injection has been taken into custody by the police. Four-year-old Raziya also died due to the negligence of a doctor, she was also administered a wrong injection. After Nashwa it is Justice for Raziya

Little Raziya passes away at the hands of competent doctors of this society.

Little Nashwa , little Raziya how many more will depart and for how long?

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Justice for Raziya: Four-Year-old Dies Due to a Wrong Injection

Little Raziya was taken to a hospital located in Korangi area by her father.

Raziya was suffering from measles and she was taken to the hospital with high fever on Sunday evening.

Dr. Imran has been treating patients at the Bilawal Colony at his private clinic for the last two years. The injection which he administered killed little Raziya, she was only four-years-old.

The hospital administration has claimed that the family of Raziya took away the dead body without waiting for the postmortem.

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Raziya’s father Akhtar said he asked the doctor not to administer the injection but he did not listen to him.

After the injection Raziya’s health started to deteriorate.

It is worth mentioning that Little Nashwa also lost her life due to the negligence of Doctors at Darul Sehat Hospital on Monday Morning.

Nashwa was also administered wrong drugs. She was given a high dose of
Potassium Chloride which severely affected her brain, leaving her nearly brain-dead.

Nashwa lost her battle of life and departed from this world. She was just nine months old.

One more little angle was butchered at the hands of incompetent doctor.

Little Raziya has joined Little Nashwa. The fight for Justice for Nashwa must come together with Justice for Raziya.

Don’t forget Raziya and don’t forget Nashwa. The fight for them both must carry on. Before there is another Little angel justice must prevail.

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