Justice For Rimsha: Sargodha teacher rapes student

SARGODHA: Justice for Rimsha trends after a biology teacher of Punjab College Sargodha rapes his student, a second-year medical student.

The teacher is identified as Adil Hayat, who was a professor in Punjab College Sargodha.

The alleged teacher has been booked and arrested by local police.


FIR Report

According to the First information report (FIR) the second year student received a telephone call from the college and she was told that the college has reopened and her classes have resume.

When Rimsha reached the college to attend her classes she was surprised to see no one there and there were not classes nor the college was open.

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She decided to leave the college and return home. Her biology teacher Adil Hayat offered her to drop her at home but instead took her to his own flat.

According to the Sargodha police the girl was held by the teacher for four hours. She was subject to physical and sexual assault. The accused teacher is said to have made video of the student as well.

The student Rimsha was dropped back at the college gate in semi-conscious state by the professor.


The police have arrested the culprit after the FIR was registered by the father of the survivor.

The father Mohammad Arshad, registered an FIR on 28th June. The traumatic incident took place on 26th June.

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Justice For Rimsha

How it happened

According to some reliable sources Rimsha received a call from a lady, who said she was the principal and informed her about the reopening of the classes.

When found alone the professor took her under the pretext of dropping her back home, unfortunately she fell prey to the dirty desires of the teacher.

The police is investigating and trying to find out the who made the call to Rimsha.


Not the first time

Unfortunately this is not the first victim who fell pray to her teacher. Many female student are sexually abused by their teachers, professors and lecturers.

The most respectable profession, teachers are like parents who guide and protect their students like their own children, who could have thought?

Not all teachers are as vicious as this Adil Hayat, there are teachers who sacrificed their lives to save their students, the example is Army Public school Peshawar.


But again among many actual and brave teachers there are some poisonous snakes who ruin the image of real heroes.

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We Want Justice For Rimsha

We Want Justice For Rimsha has started trending on social media. It is indeed a devastating incident. Teachers like Adil Hayat are the ones who shatter the image of the most respectable profession in the world.


The image of Adil Hayat is being circulated in social media. There is no hope for justice as the people of this nation has seen no justice served for the victims/survivors.

Like all rape cases this too will fade away eventually and everyone would forget about Rimsha.

Just arresting the accused is not enough. Hang the rapist..

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