Justice For Sana Swat: She Wanted To Pursue Her Education

SWAT: Justice For Sana Swat: Seventeen-year-old Sana Gul was brutally murdered because she wanted to pursue her education. A brilliant student was killed by her own husband.

She had just been married three months back. She was student of 11th grade and had secured A Grade. She wanted to continue her education. She just wanted to go for her 12th Grade now.

Her husband and in-laws did not approve of the fact and were against her for wanting to get further education.

It is being reported her husband Anas was a citizen of France and was flying back on Sunday.

Before flying back he shot her dead and went missing.

The incident took place in City of Swat. The murderer is probably already on his way to France. It is also being reported mother of the killer husband is also in France.

Just a few days back case of Farwa Shakeel emerged from Bahawalpur. A young teacher was brutally raped and murdered by Muhammad Muavia. Social Media had raised voice for Justice For Farwa. Her relatives had staged protest. The accused is in police custody.

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Every day women are tortured , raped, killed but nothing really happens. Some may get justice while mostly goes unheard.

Social Media has started raising voice and demanding Justice for Sana Swat. While the news of Sana Gul seems not to have reached any media.

The case of Sana Gul is that of domestic violence, probably many will keep quite as it is internal domestic matter.

People are demanding arrest of Anas and asking the authorities to alert all the airports. The culprit must not escape the country.

Justice For Sana Swat

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