Justice For Shazia: Thirteen years old raped and murdered

JHANG: Justice for Shazia – Thirteen years old brutally raped and killed in Jhang. Brutality and ruthlessness never seem to stop.

Thirteen-years-old Shazia Dakhtar Zafar went to her madrassa to get her lesson in Quran. She did not return home alive.

Her dead body was found in a sack. There is no need to say more about what could have happened to her.

Shazia Zafar just thirteen became prey for some sick and vicious man.

She was kidnapped on her way back and raped. Her dead body was found in a sack thrown outside main road Jhang city bypass.

Police reached the site as soon as they were informed. Her body has been shifted to DHQ Hospital Jhang for post-mortem.

Justice For Shazia

She was headed towards Sufi Morr to her madrassa, in the morning. Her body was recovered from the fields nearby.

As per the initial findings, she was strangled.

Shazia was the daughter of a poor shopkeeper. She was eldest among her siblings. Elder sister of four brothers.

Dr. Javid Iqbal, has tweeted to inform Shazia was from his village. He has also criticized the action of the police. He has stated the police arrived an hour after being informed. The police took the dead body without getting permission from the parents.

Media is mute so far

The media hasn’t taken up the story of Shazia. only Jhang TV has reported the case so far.

Reaction on social media

Justice for Shazia has just started gaining momentum on social media. People are disappointed and furious. This is not the first case nor it is going to be the last. Little girls and little boys all are being raped and brutally killed by sick people.

The system has failed to punish the rapist

One after the other, little girls and little boys are kidnapped, sexually assaulted, killed and thrown away.

Throughout the country and in all provinces little children are sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, even if the culprit is caught, they are not given the punishment they deserve. The sick-minded know even if they get caught, they will get away with it.

They deserve public hanging, even worse than that.

Paedophile Sohail Ayaz: He confessed to having raped more than 30 boys. Shame on his father who said he will fight for his son. Why don’t parents shoot such sick sons by their own hands?

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Afsana from Sukkur: Eleven-year-old Afsana was raped by her religious teacher (Imam) in a mosque. She had gone to study the Quran.

Instead of getting justice, she gets threats of Karo Kari. Her family is threatened and beaten up. What a sick system.

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Saira attempted suicide as she was being harassed by her teachers. She was mentally tortured by her teachers.

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Muhammad Afzal committed suicide because his student wrongfully accused him of harassment. Read Afzal’s story here Justice For Afzal : commits suicide after false harassment allegations

Investigations are being carried out. I hope she finds justice.

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