Justice For Syed Tufail: He lost his life at IIUI

ISLAMABAD: Students all across the county have come out on streets demanding justice for Syed Tufail.

Islamic International University Islamabad faced an ordeal on Thursday when a student named Syed Tufail was martyred when two groups of students broke into a clash.

The clash broke out between members of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) and the Islamic International Students Federation.

Syed Tufail Ahmed of IJT lost his life while many were injured.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad has been updating of the case on social media.

He had tweeted on Thursday after the clash to inform that they had taken over the security, Police and magistrates were on-site and Rangers were also called to control the situation.

According to preliminary investigations, a peaceful function was being carried out when another group attacked the function resulting in a fight.

Islamabad Police and Administration took full control of the situation immediately.

Sixteen Arrested

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad also have tweeted to inform that sixteen students have been arrested.

Protest Demanding Justice for Syed Tufail

Students have started to come out on streets demanding justice for Syed Tufail.

Punjab University students protesting for the departed soul.

Students from Abbottabad are also out on the streets protesting.

Students of Peshawar are also protesting for Tufaul.

About Syed Tufail

Syed Tufail lost his life on 12 December at IIUI Expo. He hailed from Gilgit. He was enrolled in the university’s BS Economics program.

The attack took place when Liaquat Baloch was addressing and he was standing beside him.

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PRSF Islamabad-Rawalpindi Condemn the violence

PRSF – The progressive Students Federation Islamabad-Rawalpindi strongly condemn the violence that occurred at Islamic International University on Thursday.

The PRSF on social media have give their narrative

The Progressive Students Federation Isb-Rwp condemns in the strongest possible terms the violence that took place at Islamic International University on Thursday between members of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) and Islamic International Students Federation, and deplores the innocent loss of student lives that took place, including the death of Tufail Ahmed of IJT, among many other injuries, including to Pakhtun and Seraiki students. PRSF believes that violence has no place in student politics, and cannot be tolerated in any form – the sanctity of human life is at the core of our worldview and cannot be compromised at any cost.

We believe this tragic incident is in part a consequence of the student union ban, depoliticization of our campuses and the complete absence of a healthy student political culture of non-violent electoral competition. Without campus democracy and elections, student politics has degenerated into identity-based turf wars between opposing camps, with violence the only arbiter of student power. This has allowed armed thugs and militant wings to dominate the underground student politics that exists on campus and resulted in students being pitted against each other on religious, ethnic and sectarian lines.

We believe the absence of democratic debate, lack freedom of association and forceful limitation of student politics into ethnic and religious groupings has fostered intolerance and ethnic and religious hatred on campus, and prevented students from being able to engage with and understand each other’s differences.

PRSF believes the only solution to this culture of violence lies in the restoration of peaceful, non-violent campus democracy in which healthy ideological debate and competition can take place. We must combat such hatred with a pact of mutual tolerance, respect and co-existence in which we resolve to respect each other’s right to expression regardless of our differences. We must struggle to create a new, non-violent and de-weaponized political culture, one in which there is no tolerance for violence in all of our organizations, across the political spectrum. We must learn from the mistakes of those before us and protect the new resurgence of student politics from being stained by such senseless violence at all costs.

Toward respect, dignity and tolerance for all.

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