Justice For Umer: 4-year-old found taped and dead inside a closet

ISLAMABAD: Justice For Umer, four years old is found taped and dead inside a closet. He was kidnapped for ransom four days ago.

Umer went missing on 21 December.

Umer went missing four days ago when he was playing outside his home in Kashmir Colony, Bhara Kahu area of Islamabad.

The abduction case was registered at police station Bhara Kaho by his parents immediately after he was found missing.

Umer was kidnapped for ransom by his father’s cousin.

Mukhtar Rathore’s son Umer was kidnapped by his cousin Hamza four days ago. His little body was recovered from a closet of the kidnapper’s house. He was found tapped. He was tapped from his mouth, hands, and feet. Omer died of pressure and suffocation.

Hamza – Mukhtar Rathore’s Cousin Who Kidnaped Umer

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According to police, Umer was kidnapped by his father’s cousin Hamza with the help of his friends.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad has also tweeted to inform the arrest of the kidnappers. He also informed the main culprit is the cousin of the father. The cousin Hamza abducted the little boy for money.

Body of Umer has been shifted to hospital for medico-legal formalities. The officials also claim to have arrested all the suspects involved in Kidnap and murder.

The police arrested Mukhtar Rathore’s cousin Hamza, who confessed to the crime during the initial investigation. Hamza also informed the police he kidnapped Umer for ransom. He also said he along with his three friends kidnapped the little boy.

They had tapped the boy’s mouth so he could not make any noise.

Another kidnapper has been identified as Aftab.

Justice For Umer

The disappearance of Umer started trending on social media four days ago. Everyone was sad and distressed and prayed for the safety of Umer.

People on social media are in shock after seeing the tapped body of little Umer.

DC Islamabad shared the images of arrested criminals but the public is still not happy. They demand justice for Umer.

Many child abusers have been arrested in the past but none has been punished severely. Some angry netizens demand the public hanging of the child abusers.

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  1. Should be hanged at Athal Chowk Bhara Kahu or D Chowk Islamabad till death and leave their bodies for 3 to 4 days.

  2. Can i appeal to your decency to convince you to remove the pics of dead body of the kid? I have seen it now and it cant be unseen. It shall continue to hurt me. Such pics immediately reinvigorate loss of those who lost their kids.
    May Allah exalt the kid to the companionship of Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. May Allah enact exemplary justice upon the criminals who directly or indirectly led to the kid’s death. May Allah help the bereaved family bear the loss to possible extents.
    The cruel barbarians should be made to stare at the pic of the dead kid for hours. Lets see how long do they stand such a horrible sight. Lets have them look at the aftermath of their own doing. No punishment is cruel enough to treat these brutes with.

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