Justice for Yumna Soomro – Tortured to death for giving birth to a girl

DADU: Abdullah Soomro tortured and beat his wife Yumna Soomro to death for giving birth to a baby girl. The incident took place at the Dadu District in Sindh on 7 June 2020 but as the news about what happened went viral, people on Twitter started demanding justice for Yumna with hashtag #JusticeforYumnaSoomro.

Yumna Soomro
Yumna Soomro was tortured to death for giving birth to a girl.

According to reports, the husband was angry at his wife Yumna Soomro was giving birth to a third daughter when the man wanted a son. Abdullah later attacked his wife with an iron rod and after suffering many injuries including several head injuries, Yumna died on the spot. The matter is being investigated by the police.

This isn’t the first incident where women aren’t given the right treatment in our society, Just a few days ago, a nine year old pregnant Hadiqa Noor was toruted and beaten by her in-laws who later blamed her for theft and handed her over to police.

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Another recent incident involves an eight year old domestic worker named Zohra Shah who was beaten to death by her employers in Rawalpindi for freeing some caged birds.

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Twitter was flooded with people demanding justice for all these incidents but after a few days everybody forgets about it and no justice is given.

Right now many are taking to Twitter demanding justice for Yumna Soomro with hashtag #JusticeforYumnaSoomro.


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