Justice For Zahra: Suicide Note left by Ali Salman Alvi’s wife?

Social media has been trending with Justice for Zahra following the death of Journalist Ali Salman’s wife Sadaf Zahra. The husband was accused of the murder and now the police claim to have found a suicide note left by Sadaf.

The note left by Sadaf Zahra which narrates the physical abuse by her husband is heart-wrenching. The note says she was beaten by her husband before her death. However, the netizens still blame Ali Salman for the murder of his wife as his abusing behavior led her to take such a drastic step.

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Sister claims it was not a suicide note

Mahwish Zahra the sister of the victim claims the note received which is in possession of the police was not a suicide note. She said her sister did not mention anything about taking her own life.

Mahwish Zahra also said when her sister was found dead Ali Salman Alvi was alone in the house with their one year old daughter. She also states before she arrived he had stolen all her jewelry, emptied her bags and took her debit cards.

Justice For Zahra

The husband Journalist Ali Salman Ali was arrested right after the case was registered on 29-06-2020 following the death of Zahra.

Social media started trending with Justice For Zahra and her sister Mahwish accused the husband of the murder of his sister. Mahwish had even said that Ali Salman is trying to cover up the murder as a suicide.

Case takes an unexpected or rather expected turn

The Rawalpindi Police had assured merit and justice will be ensured however the case has taken an unexpected or rather expected turn as the police have claimed to be in a possession of her suicide note.

There were already concerns that the case may be tampered with due to the influence of Journalist Ali Salman Alvi and it will be painted as a suicide.

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I know so many men in media who are abusive but who can put hands on a media person?? They will blackmail anyone to get away with it.

Justice For Zahra

Letter should be made public

As the case has taken an expected turn the people have started voicing their concerns. They demand the letter which is in the possession of the police should be made public.

As the letter did not say anything about taking her own life, it only mentioned the violence and abuse of a husband inflicted on his wife, people have started showing their concerns.

It is being pointed out that the letter was being used without detailed forensic report.

The letter was found later by the police when they conducted a thorough search. Maybe a hint given by ASA? I mentioned earlier this week in the progress thread how an Anchor and other allies of ASA are happy. Coz the letter was being used without detailed forensics to let ASA go.

Justice For Zahra

A question arises would a mother of one-year-old daughter take her own life and leave her at the mercy of an abusive father?

The people who support Sadaf Zahra still blame Ali Salman Alvi, he was an abusive husband who frequently physically harmed his wife. Zahra was a victim of domestic violence.

Even if it was a suicide, the husband needs to be punished for leading her to take that step, it still should be treated as a murder.

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