Justice For Zoha: 17-year-old Newly Wed Poisoned by In-Laws

PESHAWAR: 17-year-old Zoha is poisoned by her in-laws, and as usual her character is being shattered by the brutal murders. Please raise your voices and demand Justice for Zoha. Lets put an end to this so-called fake Honor Killings taking lives of many in this country.

Zoha was newly wed hardly married for six months. She was married in February and brutally killed on June 28, 2019, by her in-laws.

Zoha was born and raised in a small Gandaf village, District Swabi, in KPK Pakistan. Her only crime was that she was brave enough to raise her voice against the brutal treatment she and her sister faced from her in-laws.

Both the sisters were poisoned by the in-laws.

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First Information Report

The initial report is registered with the police and they are waiting for the postmortem report to formally launch the investigation.

The Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate Police Station House Officer, Farooq Khan, has said after receiving the chemical examination report they will register an FIR and launch a proper investigation.

The police even though are still waiting for the forensic report believe it to be premeditated murder.

The Police are waiting for Forensic report even after the lapse of a week.

The Prime Suspects

The main suspect a nominated by parents of Zoha is the mother-in-law Khatun Bibi and her brother-in-law Mohsin Khan.

About Zoha and Her Sad Demise

Zoha was married to Shahbaz Khan six months ago. Shahbaz is the US doing business. The in-laws were not in favor of Zoha, going to the US to live with her husband. She was set to fly to the US with Shahbaz Khan in a few days.

The mother-in-law was unwilling and therefore tortured her in absence of Zoha’s husband. She was beaten up and tortured by the vicious mother-in-law right after the marriage. She also accused Zoha of having a relationship with other boys. Zoha bared all the tortures and accusations because she knew she will be in the US with her husband soon.

Justice For Zoha

Statement of Zoha’s Sister Aman

Zoha’s elder sister Aman is also married in the same family, she is married to Mohsin Khan.

Aman said Zoha was locked up in a room. She was screaming in pain and asking her mother-in-law to take her to the hospital. She kept ignoring her screams and said it was just her blood pressure and nothing serious.

Aman also said Khatun Bibi also took her mobile phone so that she did not inform her parents.

According to Aman’s initial statement, Zoha was taken to a local hospital in Topi after eight hours when she was almost choking to death.

Justice For Zoha

Zoha’s sad story is shared on social media by one of her relatives and demanding Justice For Zoha. according to details shared by the relative, both the sister’s were poisoned. The elder was lucky and survived but Zoha died. Aman said that Zoha came to her in the morning complaining of pain in the stomach but the sister was also unconscious. Zoha cried and begged her in-laws to take her to the hospital but they started dancing around her. When she was about to die, they said they will tell everyone that you poisoned yourself. It was already late when she was taken to the hospital.

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