Justice For Laiba: 8-year-old girl found dead in the water tank

KARACHI: Justice for Laiba – eight years old Laiba’s dead body was found in the water tank of a dairy farm. Her body was tied with a heavy stone.

Laiba had gone missing on Saturday. She had left the house to get milk from the Malik Nasir dairy farm located near her residence.

The police officer of the Sukkan police station informed her body was discovered from the tank of a dairy farm in Bhains Colony on Monday.

Laiba’s murder was obvious from the way her body was found. They found her in a gunny bag which also contained heavy stones. The weight of the stones kept the bag at the bottom of the water tank.

The police have detained at least six suspects for their alleged involvement in the murder of Laiba.

The suspects are being questioned to help in the investigation.

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About Laiba

The eight-year-old minor girl is being identified as Laiba Tariq. She was a resident of Bhains Colony Road located in Mehmood Goth.

First Information Report (FIR)

The police have already registered First Information Report (FIR) after the family of the minor girl went missing.

The family tried to find their little girl but failed to recover her, therefore, took help from the police. FIR No. 526/19 is registered at the Sukkan Police Station.

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Protest demanding justice for Laiba

A large number of people gathered at the dairy farm after the police found the body and held a protest demanding Justice for Laiba.

Statement of SHO Adeel Ahmed Shah

SHO Adeel Ahmed Shah said Laiba had left the house with her younger brother. They left the house around 4 pm on December 7.

SHO Adeel A. Shah also informed of the medical examination report. He said they are waiting for the report to determine whether or not the minor girl was subject to any sexual assault before the murder.

Her body is taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for the medical examination.

Uncle Ibrahim’s Statement

Laiba’s uncle Ibrahim said she was third among her siblings. He demanded justice for Laiba and asked for the support of the authorities. He also appealed for the arrest of people responsible for the death of Laiba and also said the culprits be punished severely.

On Social Media

Ones again people are disappointed and heartbroken. every day little girls and little boys are brutally assaulted and killed. Someone wrote on social media. “How long we have to see such cases, how long we have to take funerals of our sisters. We want justice for her. It’s time to take serious notes on such things. I want authorities to take action against the murderers.”

She was allegedly abducted and killed owing to a personal feud of a dairyman with her father. Let’s unite together and help get justice for Laiba

Was it actually a personal feud? How cruel and inhumane. What was her fault? she was only a little daughter of her father.

Where are the authorities? Are they all dead? Shame on them.

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