Karachi: Six-story building collapses in Ranchore Line

KARACHI: A six-story building has collapsed in Ranchore Line, Karachi on Monday. No casualties have been reported.

The old dilapidated building was located in Soomra Gali of Ranchore Line, Karachi.

The six-floor building had 19 flats, which earlier in the day started to tilt down.

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The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) took immediate notice of the matter and sent its officials to the site and sealed the building.

The residents were shifted to an empty godown located in the nearby surrounding. The residents luckily had left the building before it collapsed to the ground.

Director General SBCA Zafar Ahsan commenting on the incident said the team reached the spot immediately after getting the news of the building. The residents living in the 19 flats of the damaged building were evacuated on time. There were no casualties caused by the collapse of the six-story building.

He also said the building was only twenty-three years old. Inquiry into the matter has already been ordered.

Rescue teams have reached the site and the area has been closed down. Gas and electricity connections to the buildings are suspended.

Director SBCA Ashkar Dawar has revealed there are 300 old and dangerous buildings in Karachi. He also said the SBCA wants to demolish those buildings but the occupants are unwilling to vacate them.

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According to media reports, the building had been approved for only ground plus one but six-floors were constructed. The foundation of the building weakened after the godown on the ground floor caught fire three years ago.

The residents had been warned and given many notices to vacate the building but they paid no heed.

The residents sensed danger when suddenly cracks appeared on the building. They started vacating the building as after cracks they started hearing the creaking noises.

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