Karachi to experience Heatwave amid coronavirus lockdown

KARACHI: Residents of Karachi are to experience a two day heatwave starting Saturday as temperatures in the city shoot up to 40 degrees Celsius according to the Meteorological Department.

Karachi Heatwave
Karachi to experience two day heatwave starting Saturday.

The Meteorological Department Director Sardar Sarfaraz said that “the sea breeze will discontinue during the day time” which means that the port city will be deprived of the cooling effect.

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The temperatures recorded today have already reached 39.3C with 12% humidity according to the Met Department and despite the high temperature coronavirus cases continue to mount even though there are speculations that rising temperatures would kill or at least strip the virus of its potency.

Karachi has been experiencing heatwaves almost every year and over 1200 people died because of heatstroke in 2015 and now most people have been avoiding going out during afternoon hours while experiencing heatwaves in Karachi.

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