Karachi Police arrests fake doctor selling fake Coronavirus vaccine

KARACHI Police raids at West Point Clinic in DHA Phase 2 Extension area and arrests Fake Doctor Syed Didar Ali S/o Syed Bakhtiyar Ali on Monday.

According to the Superintendent Police (SP) Imran Mirza, Mr Syed Didar Ali (Fake Doctor) was maligning and fraudulently selling the fake vaccination of Coronavirus (COVID19).

Karachi Police arrests fake doctor selling Fake Coronavirus vaccine

Fake Doctor, Didar Ali also mentioned that Lab testing facility is available at the clinic.

Defence Police registered FIR 213/2020 u/s 419/420 PPC against Syed Didar Ali and sealed the West Point Clinic.

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Syed Dildar Ali - Fake Doctor
Syed Dildar Ali – Fake Doctor

Meanwhile, Karachi Police in Kharadar area rails and recovered Masks from Younus S/o Mohammad illyas.

According to the police, He was selling masks on exorbitant price in the market, The police recovered 700 white masks, 1231 Black Masks and 71 Green surgical masks from him, Case FIR number 293/20 U/S 188 PPC was registered against him.

Police recovers masks from Mohammad Illyas
Police recovers masks from Younus S/o Mohammad illyas.

BEWARE: There is no vaccination available for Coronavirus (COVID19) in the markets, Laboratories across the world are testing at this moment, the vaccine might take a year or so before it will be available in the market.

In Pakistan Fake Doctors, Hakeems, Bangali Babas are good at frauds in Pakistan, to make money.

If you notice any illegal activity kindly report to the POLICE on 15 immediately.

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