KP Extends Public Holidays till 31 May, Resumes Public Transport

PESHAWAR: The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has extended public holidays till 31 May 2020 in the province as the number of coronavirus cases keep mounting in the country according to the notification issued by the Relief Rehabilitation and Settlement Department.

The notification although mentions that the extension in KP public holidays do not apply to essential businesses and any departments already identified by the government.

KP Extends Public Holidays
Notification regarding extension in KP Public Holitdays.

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On the other hand KP Government has decided to resume public transport services from Monday (18 May 2020) in the province according to a notification issued by the Relief Rehabilitation and Settlement Department.

Divisional Commissioners after a meeting with the transporters where standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be discussed that will have to be strictly implemented will allow the opening of intra-district and district to district transport through individual orders on routes deemed appropriate by them.

KP Public Transport
KP to resume public transport from Monday (18 May 2020).

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