Pallas Kohistan: 10 Dead 3 Injured as Jeep Fell into Indus River

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: At least 10 people are dead and 3 injured as the jeep fell into Indus River in the area of Pallas Kohistan.

Among people killed are two women and three children.

The jeep was carrying twenty one passengers.

10 Dead 3 Injured as Jeep Fell into Indus River

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The jeep plunged into River Indus at Shalkan Abad area of Kolai Pallas Kohistan on Sunday afternoon.

Pallas Kohistan

Hafeez Ur Rehman, station master has given the statement that

  • The jeep had twenty-one passengers on board.
  • The jeep was on its way to the hilly area of Gadar from Seer Ghazi Abad.
  • The Jeep lost control due to bad weather condition and fell into River Indus.
  • Nine people managed to jump out of the Jeep before it plunged into the River Indus. They had minor injuries.
  • Bodies of seven passengers have been recovered from the river.
  • The bodies have been shifted to the hospital in Sheer Ghazi Abad.

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Officials are present at the site of the incident.

Efforts are being made to recovers the remaining bodies from the river.

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