Seven year old Hooz Noor raped and murdered in Nowshera

A seven year old girl was kidnapped, raped and murdered by two men in Kaka Sahib, Nowshera district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The men have since been arrested.

Hooz Noor
Photo issued by Nowshera Poilice who have arrested the two suspects in the Noor Noor rape and murder case.

The police said that the two men have been arrested on Sunday after the residents of the area handed over the two men. According to police, the area residents planned on punishing the suspects themselves but decided to hand them over to the authorities.

Noor’s uncle told the police that that she went to Madrassa a day before but never returned home. The family then set out to look for her and found her being strangled by two men while they were attempting to drown her.

The two men ran away throwing Hooz Noor into a water tank when they found out that they had been discovered and by the time she was recovered from the tank, Noor had already passed away.

According to the area’s residents, the seven year old was raped before being killed by the two suspects.

Twitter has been trending with the hashtag #JusticeforHooznoor, asking for justice for Hooz Noor, the seven year old girl.

Justice for Hooz Noor trending on Twitter.
Justice for Hooz Noor trending on Twitter.

This isn’t the first case of a minor being sexually abused and cases like this surface almost every other day. Just three weeks ago a 10 year old boy was raped and left in critical condition by his Madrassa teacher.

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Another rape case involving a female litigant came forward just a few days ago. The woman was raped by a Judicial officer in his chamber.

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  1. When will all of these politicians and virtue signallers do the same for the hundreds of non Muslim women rape abducted and force married every year from there homes and families?

  2. We are surprised to note that the authorities covered the face of rapists while the girls/women who are raped globally publicized. There is a great need to expose the face of rapists so that in future they cannot get respect, job or any kind of leniency.

  3. 1 lamha sochy begair mardo in jaisy logo ko public place me jo ky choty bacho ky sath aisa karty ha itne goliya maro itne goliya maro ky next koi rape karny ka sochy to usy khoof aye
    Or Dua ha her Larki ki Izzat mehfooz Rahe Ameen

  4. Wake up O sleeping parliamentarians! Wake up O Prime minister who made such tall promises! All of you will be held accountable on the day of Judgement and WILL be punished. The rapists are responsible for the rape and murder of this beautiful child but YOU are more to be blamed. You pass NO laws which will stop such bastards BEFORE they commit such a crime. You sit in your oh so comfortable homes in such expensive localities and simply watch and listen. Your conscience is DEAD, and before long YOU all will be DEAD too and standing in front of Allah to answer for your silence!!!

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