TTP Released Bannu Jailbreak Video footage. – Exclusive

Tehrek e Taliban released the video footage of the Jailbreak, in which everything clearly can be seen while its happening, Bannu Jailbreak was complete failure of the Intelligence agencies.



Tuesday 30th July – morning helped 243 prisoners escape from the  Central Prison after killing 12 people, including six policemen, while five attackers were also killed.

Inspector General Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ihsan Ghani told that 60 to 70 men, armed with heavy weapons and explosives, carried out the attack during which around 250 prisoners managed to escape.

A number of hardened militants were among the inmates of the Central Prison. Among them was Walid Akbar, who had been awarded 1,616 years jail sentence for his involvement in bombing of the Ashura procession in the city last year.

Officials and eyewitnesses said over 100 attackers came in vehicles and also on motorbikes to storm the prison from all the four sides simultaneously as one group opened fire on a security check post near the jail that was built in 1854.

Locals said they heard dozens of huge and minor explosions starting from 11:15pm on Monday that continued till 2:30am on Tuesday.

This wasn’t the first time in the history of Pakistan and the way it appears it may not be the last.

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