TTP Terrorist – was he even a Muslim?

One of the captured terrorist who died today in Peshawar, which media didn’t bother to show wondering why not? Terrorist having tattoos at the back clearly can be seen ask yourself is he Taliban? infact he is TTP ( Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan ) who isn’t even Pakistani neither a Muslim.

Over the years I have been saying that Black Water ( Xe ) disappeared because they trained people but even today they are seen as local, this is how they are ruining the name of Islam and Jihad, when one muslim is a brother of another they are slaughtering Muslims.

Recent Attack in Peshawar ( TTP ) Claimed it and Pakistan Army did the operation right on time to counter terrorism until they didn’t finished all 10 terrorists which were hiding constantly operation carried on for atleast 12 to 14 hours after which 2 blew themselves 7 killed and one captured alive.

Thanks to Pakistan Army and highly appreciate their efforts, but this makes me sad that our main stream media doesn’t bother to show what locals captured. Which Muslim Jihadist  would have tattoos on his back? Think again, who is it trying to destabilize Pakistan since 10 years non stop.

Have a close look


These Private Mercenaries ( Xe ) formerly known as Black Waters been messing in our motherland, so far thanks to Pakistan Army to Hunt them down but they have caused massive destruction and countless people died, Government must ask United States for their Private Agents since the CIA is also Private not related with Government, which means Drones is not US Army but we are being bombed by Private agency later FM Khar strengthen ties and open NATO routes.

Our Media isn’t being  fair at all  Kindly share this with others and INCPak is for all to report such injustice which we unfortunately expect from our Paid Media. Share if you have stories / Images and the truth which media avoids we as Pakistanis are determined to uncover and show the reality to the world.

It is only possible with the unity and your support.

Show the World , Aware Pakistan and Save Pakistan.

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  1. Yes, Yeh hum nahi. Atleast yeh muslims nahi. Let's salute Pak Army & now let's do not doubt them as they are working for foreign powers. Let's unite and dome these TTP or whatsoever mujahdeen's. Real Muahdeen we have in Pak Airforce, Pak Army & Pak Navy. Chin Up

  2. There are many Uzbeks and Chechens among TTP ranks. These uzbeks and chechens are mostly former USSR Red army men, who lat joined mercenaries of Uzbek walord Tahir Yuldasehv and Chechen warlord Arsalan Maskhadov. Because of strict action of their governments, they fled central asian states, and took refuge in afghanistan and later arrived in tribal areas of Pakistan. They have been very brutal and ruthless and mostly work under Hakimullah Mehsud group.
    And to add, most of these guys are not even circumcised, as circumcision is not a routine practice in central asian states. Many tribal people from pakistan also do late circumcision instead of the normal norm of early age circumcision in the rest of pakistan

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