Wife shot dead by husband for not serving a hot meal in KP

KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA: A nineteen-year-old wife was shot dead by her husband in KP for not serving him a hot meal for Sehri.

The KP man has been arrested by the police.

Initial Investigation

The initial investigations carried out by Muhammad Haq SHO Dasu Police Station said the reports suggest the victim was shot dead by her husband for not serving him a hot meal for Sehri.

The SHO informed the First Investigation Report was registered by the father of the deceased. The father also informed the husband of his daughter was also his nephew.

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According to Dawn report the father heard gun shot from the couples room when he was performing ablution after Sehri.

As the father rushed in the room he discovered his daughter in blood of pool. The woman was only nineteen-years-old and had been married only for two years.

The husband had managed to escape aftfer killing his wife.

The police officer, however, managed to arrest the suspect with the help of the father of the victim.

A similar brutal incident took place in Peshawar on April 22, when a seven-year-old Eshaal was shot dead by her uncle. for making noise while playing with two other children.

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The video of the incident also started making rounds on social media where a man was heard shouting and after a while gun fired.

The incident took place in Peshawar in the locality of Arbab road. The uncle named Faysal Hayat fled the scene after killing Eshaal.

The police managed to arrest Faysal Hayat. The police found him hiding at a house in Khoga Khel of Landi Kotal area of District Khyber.

The brutal crime against little children and women do not seem to stop. Little boys and girls are subject to cruelty mentally, physically and sexually.

Similarly the domestic violence also exist in a large number in this society which goes unnoticed or unreported. Women are subjected to many inhuman tortures by their husbands and in-laws.

Lockdown is being blamed for increase in the domestic violence, in fact the women and children were never any safe in this society.

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