Lahore Smog Disrupts Daily Life

Lahore is enveloped in smog disrupting the daily routine of everyone in the city. It is resulting in commutes being shut off, airport being close and also causing unscheduled power outages throughout many cities in Punjab

This smog is causing many health issues for people. Many people  especially the elderly have been forced to stay indoors since they experience difficulty in breathing, skin and eye irritation, and coughs.

Everyone is requested to stay indoor and avoid unnecessary travelling and please use Surgical Masks while going outside until the smog clears up.

These are some pictures taken in Lahore of the current smog condition as of 6th November 2017 09:00PM.Lahore Smog Lahore Smog Lahore Smog Lahore Smog Lahore Smog Lahore Smog Lahore Smog

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