Lahore Traffic Police taking action against Improper Number Plates

Lahore Traffic Police has launched a crackdown against improper number plates on cars and motorcycles in the city.

Lahore Traffic Police
Lahore Traffic Police taking action against Improper Number Plates.

The Lahore Traffic Police has been cracking down on these fancy, bogus and improper number plates for some time now but now some citizens are moving towards using these tampered or green plates to evade E-Challan.

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However, now the police have went ahead and announced a “crackdown against improper plates” and Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Syed Hammad Abid that heavy fine will be imposed against violators and officers can also impound the vehicle and register FIR against the person.

Different checkpoints have been setup across the city by Lahore Traffic Police to deal with improper number plates. Citizens who have already applied for the plates need to keep their excise slip on hand in case they are stopped until they get proper plates.

For those who need to apply for new plates, the cost for car, bus and truck will be Rs. 1,027 while motorcycle plates will cost Rs. 710.

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