Lawyers’ mob terror attack on PIC Hospital Lahore

LAHORE: An angry and violent mob of lawyers attacked Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) Hospital Jail Road Lahore on Wednesday. The terror attack resulted in multiple casualties with many more deaths feared.

UPDATE: BREAKING: Punjab Rangers called to secure sensitive location in Lahore

Disregarding local and International laws lawyers’ mob attacked the hospital with guns, rods, and stones. Lawyers broke the entry gate of the hospital attacked the staff and police officers on duty.

The Attackers torched a police van, broke glasses of multiple private vehicles which were parked inside the hospital vicinity.

Lawyers' mob terror attack on PIC Hospital Lahore
Lawyers’ mob terror attack on PIC Hospital Lahore

According to an attendant, one of the lawyers removed the oxygen mask from the patient resulting in immediate death.

According to the video shared on TikTok, The whole attack was preplanned and one of the lawyers was threatening to kill doctors on a live stream while marching toward the hospital

Lawyers mob marching toward Hospital in Lahore

The Provincial Minister for Information and Technology, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan reached at the scene in order to defuse the situation, However, The lawyers’ mob beaten Mr. Chohan mercilessly.

Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan Beaten [Video]

Punjab Bar Council blatant lies

Lawyers' mob terror attack on PIC Hospital Lahore

While the Punjab Bar Council claims the lawyers were peaceful, video evidence suggests otherwise. lawyers can be seen firing small arms in order to scare the hospital staff.

Aitzaz Ahsan, the renowned lawyer, said that he was feeling ashamed over what the lawyers have done at the hospital. “We launched a movement but we never broke even a signal at the road,” said Aitzaz Ahsan.

Taking notice of the lawyers’ attack, Punjab CM Buzdar said that strict action would be taken against the responsible lawyers. He also directed the hospital administration to take strict action against those who were found involved in the matter.

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