Fight between lawyers and police in Muzaffarabad AJ&K

Muzaffarabad: A clash between lawyers and police happened today at the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The clash started after a fight between a lawyer and Traffic Assistant Sub Inspector (TASI) of police in the morning.

Lawyers and Police clash in Muzaffarabad today.

SSP Muzaffarabad released a press statement saying, TASI Muhammad Saleem was on duty in front of the Police Station when a motorcyclist was passing by without a helmet going toward Sahali Sarkar Darbar this morning around 9.15AM.

Upon being stopped by TASI and asked to show his paper work, the motorcyclist and the passenger on the back got off his bike and started an argument before attacking TASI Saleem.

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The passenger on the sitting in the back was a lawyer who was travelling with his client and got angry at the TASI for stopping his client.

Press release

Other lawyers in the vicinity joined the argument and started beating TASI Saleem taking him towards the Kachori Gate after which TASI Saleem along with the motorcycle was taken to the police station by the authorities according to the press conference that was held regarding the matter.

They said that the lawyers blocked the road and tried to break the fence at the Police Station where the bike was taken.

DSP and ASP Muzaffarabad arrived at the scene to try and resolve the matter but the lawyers ended up beating another policeman name (Fayyaz Shah at the entrance of the Police Station.

Lawyers vs Police in Muzaffarabad

Fight between layers and police in Muzaffarabad

The police later on had to show force and resorted to shelling on the lawyers in order to disperse them however, the lawyers later said that the police had attacked and beaten them.

Lawyers even said that they were beaten by police in their chambers later on saying that they will get justice for what the police did no matter what the cost.

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