Lays Pakistan illuminates the City of Lights even brighter

It’s time for all the digital ‘wows’ to tear off the roof over the social media since a brilliant marketing concept is installed somewhere in Pakistan.

Wandering around your local mall or on the road probably isn’t going to inspire to say wow. So sit down, put your feet up and get ready to be inspired as I am going to share a unique concept of advertisement that will leave you with a giant ‘wow’. A unique yet super appealing concept is introduced by Lays Pakistan. Lays Pakistan initiated this marvelous idea from one of the largest and most populous metropolitan city in the world ‘Karachi’.

Have a look at what I’m talking about!

Lays Pakistan
Lays Pakistan

An incredible idea perfectly executed by the designers and lighting specialists. A marketing phase perfectly executed with utter awesomeness and professionalism. A unique marketing approach is installed right before Dolmen Mall and provides an outstanding view during the nighttime for visitors, locals and passersby. The tagline taste the glory reaches it utmost climax with a placement of Messi in action. Hats off to Lays for revolutionizing a new era of marketing.

More marketing approaches like this will illuminate the city of lights brighter.

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